With Love ADK

Intuitive jeweler and sculptress, Christen Delaney combines her close connection to the natural world with her mindfulness to create a vessel of consciousness connection in each creation. Whether she is serving tea meditation at Ay^Am or facilitating meditation with mama’s and their babies at WMN Space, studying plant medicine with The Gaia School of Healing, or opening to the flow of creativity daily, for her, all of these paths are ways to connection and inspiration with the highest intentions. 

With Love ADK Jewelry celebrates the discovery of self, expansion to worlds above and below, and our deep intuitive knowing. Weaving earth’s elements with meditation and insight, you will feel an aura of harmonizing energies with each offering. Pairing with your unique piece is a four-part offering, consisting of an intuitive surveying of the crystals, then conversation of your choices and their meaning, and finally discussion about the design of your piece to remind you of your authentic power.



Start your journey with a grounding meditation, connecting with your breath and become present. Allow yourself to have vulnerability and tap into all desires from within.

Feeling into the energy of each type of crystal you will begin to separate out the ones calling to you. 

After connecting with the stones, Christen will talk about the meanings as it has resonated with her experience. She’ll share recommendations for specific manifestations, healing energies or chakra correlations. 

Completing this journey, you’ll pick the perfect stone and ADK setting allowing you to seamlessly integrate the piece into your life. It will be your reminder to encourage you to live in a place of power, remembrance, healing and love.